Images of time and space

Photography’s power is to make even dreams seem quite concrete.
— Abelardo Morell, National Geographic photographer

When I set with my camera a few night's ago I intended to go for a stroll and see what caught my eye. But then I encountered more rain than I wanted to deal with and took refuge in my car. I drove around admiring the way the wet streets reflected the city's lights. I was aimlessly failing to find somewhere to stop and setup an image. I thought about what it's like to stare out a car window, at night in the rain. Watching the street lights pass by with slightly unfocused eyes.

With this thought in mind I rigged my camera up in the passenger seat looking out the windshield and set to fire a series of 13 second exposures as I drove. Henderson Highway, Main Street, Broadway Avenue, Portage Avenue.

After a few shots I stopped and looked at what I had captured. I adjust some settings and continued on. As I drove I started to visualize how the lights would be perceived by the camera. I started adjusted my speed sometimes slowing down to attempt to stretch out the light from certain street signs, traffic lights, and cars.

I thought about being young and riding in the backseat of my parents car, driving home from somewhere at night with rain falling on the car, obscuring the view through the windows and catching the twinkle of lights as we drove by.

I quite enjoy the results of this experiment. Even though I've taken plenty of long exposures before, I've never quite thought about how it represents space and time. Nor have I put much thought into the difference between having a stationary camera on a tripod taking picture of a landscape versus moving the camera through space as it is in the process of capturing time.